Pre-Fabricated Granite and Quartz

If you are looking for an affordable granite countertop installation for your kitchen and/or bathroom but don't want to sacrifice on beauty or quality, look no further than our pre-fabricated granite countertops! Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, Capital Counters has what you need to make an impression without breaking the bank.

Though pre-fabricated granite and Quartz countertops are more a more affordable option, that shouldn't imply they sacrifice on quality. Both are the same quality stone you've come to expect, just available in a more limited range of colors and a sole bull nose edge option.

These attributes serve to simplify both the selection and installation processes, so your granite is selected, templated, and installed with minimal delay when compared to a custom granite slab install. Quicker turnaround with less expenditure, that's the beauty of our pre-fabricated granite countertops!

Note: Our pre-fabricated granite countertops are arranged below in groups based on price ranges: Group A represents the most affordable granite colors and then progresses in price through Group B to Group D.

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